Who We Are

JADE StudioJADE, Jameson Automated Design Environments, was founded by Terry Jameson in 2004.  Terry is an expert lighting and systems designer who creates timeless and distinguished environments.  Interior or exterior, JADE  applies manufactured and custom fabricated products to create an experience that will exceed your expectations.  Between modern day superstores, local suppliers, and an endless world wide web, finding the right products can be overwhelming and disconcerting.  JADE will take the time and energy to listen to your ideas and will work with your interior designer and architect to fit your personal and or professional lifestyle.

The right application of fixtures and control systems will set the perfect mood for any occasion.  Today we have advanced control systems designed to simplify your lifestyle as well as bring a level of sophistication to your space.

Terry began his lighting career in Santa Barbara, California in 1994.  During his apprenticeship, he worked with distinguished design build contractors in the Santa Barbara and Montecito areas.  In September of 2001, he moved to Lexington, Kentucky with his wife, Leeann Greer of Greer Photography.  By blending his unique ideas with his client’s individual character, Terry shares his expertise and passion for lighting to create the perfect environmental experience.