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TRIBE Tower Design

TRIBE Tower Design

Conventional wisdom tells us beauty and power are doomed to mutual exclusivity. But Totem Acoustic does not make conventional speakers, nor follow pre-existing beliefs. The Tribe Tower disproves these old adages, presenting a slim, seductive form that belies its formidable, compelling ability.

The Tribe Tower represents the culmination of wisdom acquired through the research and development of the award-winning Tribe and Element series. Packing revolutionary Torrent technology into a striking cabinet, it has the performance, versatility, and style that appeals to the audiophile and designer in all of us.

They musically energize a room and bring every sound to vivid, three-dimensional life, from the subtlest whisper to complex symphonies. Satin Black and White finishes are equipped with twin pairs of gold plated terminals while premium Dusk and Ice multi coat polyester paint finishes have Bi-Wireable WBT connectors and annealed aluminum terminal plates.

  • Tech Specs


    Frequency Response: 30 Hz – 30 kHz
    Recommended Power: 50 W – 200 W
    Woofer: 2 x 4″ Torrent drivers
    Tweeter: 1.3″ / 3.3 cm Laser Etched Textile Soft Dome with 1/2″ thick metal faceplate
    Impedance: 4 ohms
    Sensitivity: 89dB
    Dimensions (w x h x d): 7.01 x 36.81 x 7.87″ /  17.8cm x 93.5 x 20
    Placement from rear wall: 4″ / 10.16cms
    Placement distance apart: 2′-15’ / 60.1- 457.2
    Break-in Time: 100-200 hours
    Crossover Frequency: First order crossover on tweeter only
    Speaker Terminals: Bi-wireable,  WBT connectors with Annealed aluminum plate on Dusk, Fire and Ice / gold plated bi-wire on satin finishes
    Weight 31.02lb / 14.1kg
  • Torrent Drivers

    Torrent Drivers

    Totem’s Exclusive Design

    Torrent hand-assembled drivers feature machined precision craftsmanship and revolutionary magnetic technology.  The proprietary magnetic design keeps the voice coil continuously immersed within the magnetic field for absolute and instant control of its every reaction.  These woofers possess such wide and flat response that they remarkably require absolutely no active or passive crossover components.  This radical technology offers an unadulterated flow of information and energy for substantial advantages in clarity, phase correctness, and striking accuracy both on and off axis.

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